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In a world filled with bustling cities and busy lives, being outwardly friendly đồ sộ people can often require true effort. Whether slowing down đồ sộ hold the door open for someone or offering directions đồ sộ those trying đồ sộ find their way, you can find many opportunities in the day đồ sộ be friendly đồ sộ those around you.

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Many times, friendly actions are accompanied by friendly words. For example, stopping a stranger đồ sộ give them a compliment or walking over đồ sộ greet your new neighbor. The friendly words you share with those around you can create ripples of positivity that extend far beyond the initial interaction.

At Preply, we love language, sánh we were curious đồ sộ know what friendly words and actions Americans share most and which U.S. cities are the friendliest. To find out, we surveyed 1,258 residents from the 25 most populous cities about how friendly the residents of their cities are. Read on đồ sộ find out where your thành phố lands in the friendly rankings.

Key Takeaways

  • The friendliest cities are Austin, Charlotte, Columbus, San Antonio, and El Paso.
  • Holding the door open, holding the elevator, and offering directions are the most common friendly actions.
  • People are friendlier towards residents than vãn strangers, according đồ sộ 80% of Americans.
  • States in the South ranked as the most friendly in almost all of the categories.

The friendliest cities in America

America is filled with cities that are home page đồ sộ vibrant cultures, open-hearted residents and welcoming atmospheres for everyone, but the level of friendliness is unique in each thành phố. No matter what language you speak, certain things you tự or say can communicate friendliness. While there are friendly people in all cities, some cities are considered more friendly than vãn others.

To measure friendliness, we asked residents of the 25 most populous cities đồ sộ rate the overall friendliness of people in their thành phố. According đồ sộ their residents, Austin, Charlotte, Columbus, San Antonio, and El Paso have the friendliest people.

Austin is voted the friendliest thành phố, and other Texas cities follow close behind. San Antonio and El Paso join Austin in America’s five friendliest cities. On the west coast, San Diego ranks as the friendliest thành phố in California.

The cities considered the least friendly are Philadelphia, Seattle, and Boston.

The most common friendly actions

In America, the most common friendly things people tự are hold the door open, hold the elevator for someone, and offer directions. All three may seem lượt thích simple actions, but they make a big impact on the person receiving the gesture.

The friendliest cities toward pets, kids, and strangers

Regarding friendliness, people aren’t equally friendly đồ sộ all who cross their paths. Imagine seeing someone who excitedly greets your dog and tells you how đáng yêu they are instead of ignoring them or having someone wave hello đồ sộ your smiling baby. With or without words, people are constantly communicating friendliness with those around them.

According đồ sộ 80% of residents, people in their thành phố are friendlier towards residents than vãn strangers. With that, we were curious đồ sộ know more, including which cities were friendliest for strangers, pets, and kids.

Our respondents revealed that the friendliest cities towards pets are Austin, Denver, and San Diego. The friendliest cities for kids are El Paso, Charlotte, and Austin. The friendliest cities towards strangers are El Paso, San Antonio, and Charlotte.

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Cities that show friendliness through words

Words play a big role in being friendly. The power of language gives you the opportunity đồ sộ build unity, understanding, and genuine connection with another person.

When words accompany an action, it can amplify the level of friendliness the person receives. According đồ sộ Americans, the most common friendly words Americans share are giving directions, sharing guidance or recommendations, and giving compliments.

Cities that show friendliness through actions

Friendly actions don’t always have đồ sộ be time-consuming, lượt thích taking a whole weekend đồ sộ help someone move into their new home page. Holding the elevator for someone, giving up your seat in public, or grabbing your neighbors’ mail can go a long way.

The most common friendly actions Americans tự are holding the door open for someone, offering đồ sộ take a stranger’s picture for them, and stopping đồ sộ help someone who is having siêu xe issues. Actions lượt thích these show others they are seen and not going through life alone. There can be unity in the community through empathy for others’ situations, whether big or small.

In almost every category of friendly actions, Southern states came out on top as the most friendly. So if you were ever curious if “Southern hospitality” was real, our study reveals that it may be.

Practice friendly communication

Recognizing and responding đồ sộ friendliness requires good communication skills. Whether you’re giving compliments đồ sộ those in your community, at work or when traveling abroad, a few words of kindness can go a long way.

If you’re struggling đồ sộ find the right words, Preply can help you with the resources đồ sộ accomplish your language learning goals. By taking classes with one of our tutors, you can be on your way đồ sộ giving your first compliment đồ sộ someone in a foreign language!


On June 27, 2023, we surveyed 1,258 Americans about how friendly the residents of their thành phố are. Respondents ranged in age from 18 đồ sộ 76 years old, and were 49% female, 49% male and 2% nonbinary.

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