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Assessing heterogeneity in meta-analysis: Q statistic or I2 index?

Tania B Huedo-Medina et al. Psychol Methods. 2006 Jun.


In meta-analysis, the usual way of assessing whether a mix of single studies is homogeneous is by means of the Q test. However, the Q test only informs meta-analysts about the presence versus the absence of heterogeneity, but it does not report on the extent of such heterogeneity. Recently, the I(2) index has been proposed đồ sộ quantify the degree of heterogeneity in a meta-analysis. In this article, the performances of the Q test and the confidence interval around the I(2) index are compared by means of a Monte Carlo simulation. The results show the utility of the I(2) index as a complement đồ sộ the Q test, although it has the same problems of power with a small number of studies.

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